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Performance Management: Measuring & Improving the effectiveness of your staff

Organizations that attract, harness, and develop their human capital will flourish and succeed over the long term. Successful Organisations are those that have a comprehensive approach to talent and performance management. Those companies that are able to link tools, systems, people and processes together, motivating employees to work at their optimum, will find that they are consistently ahead of the competition. This programme will give supervisors guidelines on how to ensure corporate objectives are met through the performance of their people.

Course Objectives:

  • Learn the tools, strategies, and best practices to effectively manage your most important resource - your people.
  • We will focus on what it takes to achieve your goals by getting the right people in the right jobs and setting S.M.A.R.T.E.R goals.
  • You will return to work with the knowledge of the entire Talent Management processes, tools, systems, and strategies needed to drive your organisation forward as well as developing specific skills to guide and support employee performance.

Two-day course

Course Content:

  • Performance Management Defined;
  • Performance Planning and the performance cycle;
  • Performance Coaching & managing Poor Performers;
  • Monitoring Performance – Assessment, measuring progress and attaining objectives

The Daisy Vision

"To be a world class Human Resources Consulting and Training provider, trusted and respected by our clients for our excellent service."

Performance Management During and Economic Downturn

In many industries, the cost of labour is the single largest business expense, and as the current uncertain economic climate continues, proper management of your workforce and fostering a culture of high performance will be critical to business survival. The simple strategy for outliving an economic downturn encompasses focusing on your core business and strengths, and doing more with less. Participants will come away from this programme with an understanding of the opportunities that exist during the current downturn to lay the groundwork and position the workforce for improved performance and potential

Course Objective:

The programme has been designed to help Managers and businesses focus on improving performance, whilst keeping costs down. The programme will help managers and team leaders to recognise the impact they can make by effectively managing performance and conduct at work during these turbulent times. Organisations that pay attention to this key aspect of their businesses will be better prepared when the economic climate improves and expansion returns.

  • Why is Performance Management key to Economic Survival and Success?
  • Using Analytics to improve effectiveness and outcomes.
  • Differentiating Performance Management from Performance Appraisal

Course Content:

  • Focus on the Vision
  • Developing an appropriate Staffing Strategy;
  • Forecasting best-case and worst-case scenarios;
  • Downsizing and Redundancies;
  • Communication is Key;
  • Role of Team Leaders;

2-day Course