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Customer 1st International

An international partnership

In order to ensure that the consulting products of The Daisy are in line with international best practice, The Daisy is setting up strategic alliances with international players in its core focus areas.
The first such alliances that we have already obtained is with Customer 1st International  who are working with the Daisy Management Centre to give access to accredited online programmes run by Customer 1st International.
Stephanie Edwards, Director of Customer 1st International, works closely with the Institute of Customer Service (UK) and also leads a team in the development and continuous improvement of the National Occupational Standards.
“ Customer 1st International is proud to be associated with The Daisy Management Centre, a centre of excellence for professional courses and qualifications, and in particular service excellence”
Stephanie Edwards, Director Customer 1st International.

Stephanie Edwards, Customer 1st International

Stephanie Edwards

The Daisy Vision

"To be a world class Human Resources Consulting and Training provider, trusted and respected by our clients for our excellent service."

Implementing the customer centric culture

The era of mere “customer care” is over.  The world’s most successful organisations channel energy and resources into ensuring that they deliver outstanding services to their customers.  Excellent customer service ― as experienced and perceived by customers themselves ― really does makes a key difference to organisational success.  In both commercial and public sector businesses, service excellence and customer centricity is needed to transform an organisation into one which its customers find easy to do business with.
Developing individual employees’ attitude and motivation for giving customers excellent service – and also deepening their understanding of how their own behaviours impact on interactions with customers – is critical for any organisation.  Some employees may not have engaged with the customer service culture, but they too can be motivated and up-skilled, changing their attitudes and behaviours towards customers, and delivering highly positive customer experiences within all their transactions.

How Customer 1st International can help in building and sustaining a Customer Service Excellence culture

Our model of a customer centric culture identifies seven key features that need to be in place:

  • Top level buy-in to service excellence.
  • Building accurate and comprehensive customer insight.
  • Developing an effective customer service strategy.
  • Building customer centric processes.
  • Establishing a learning and development framework for customer centricity.
  • Reflecting service objectives within an effective reward and recognition system.
  • Implementing organisational performance management to ensure the achievement of the organisation’s strategic service objectives.

We will work collaboratively senior managers to ensure the project is exactly what is required at each step.

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