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Developing Management Skills: Its importance for a positive professional environment

Do you need to develop your personal Management and Leadership skills? Our programme will show you practical methods that you can use to become more effective and confident – helping you to create a friendly and professional atmosphere in the workplace. We will show you how to explore your own personal leadership style to help you understand your current leadership strengths and weaknesses. The programme will examine the methods we can use to energise others.

Course Objectives:

  • Learn the communication techniques that will help you engage, establish priorities, generate ideas etc.
  • Understand Motivation and how to develop a positive work climate.
  • Learn to facilitate and enable your staff to work effectively.

3-Day Course

Course Content:

  • Who am I, and what is my style?
  • Establishing priorities and objectives
  • Communication and Interpersonal skills
  • Motivation for Team Performance
  • Problem Solving, Decision-Making & taking action
  • Dealing with change

The Daisy Vision

"To be a world class Human Resources Consulting and Training provider, trusted and respected by our clients for our excellent service."

Team Building & Management Profiles: Effective Team-working

Developing a team takes time, focus and effort. This programme is designed for Managers and Team Leaders who are responsible for leading teams. The 2-day programme will help leaders to identify and understand the strengths of members of their team in order to utilise all the talent available. Participants will come away with a better understanding of the different types and characteristics of teams and what makes them successful. Participants will learn the behaviours required to develop better team performance.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand the process of team-building
  • Learn to focus on the objectives during every stage of building
  • Learn to align employees to a purpose

Course Content:

  • Building the team
  • What the team needs from the leader
  • Team player roles & styles
  • Communication
  • Conflict within the team

2-day Course

Enhancing your Supervisory Skills

Gain the core skills you need to succeed as a Supervisor. This is an interactive programme that will help you develop style – with a focus on your strengths and helping you to improve on weak areas. We will explore the skills and characteristics of supervision, covering Communication, Coaching & Counselling, Delegation. The workshop will focus on building your personal confidence, and help you achieve your objectives through the people you supervise.

Course Objectives:

  • Learn to develop your supervisory style & build up your confidence
  • Learn to achieve your objectives through the people you supervise
  • Understand the key requirements for excellent supervision

Course Content

  • The role and required competencies
  • Communication
  • Motivating your staff
  • Coaching & Mentoring
  • Managing Performance
  • Managing Crisis

2-day Course