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Our human resource solutions

For many HR professionals, we’ll need no introduction. The Daisy Management Centre has established itself as specialist HR consultants in Lagos, with expertise in every sector, including financial services, technology and communications, retail, and professional and business services. However, it’s our consultative way of working that really sets us apart as we focus firmly on you and your needs.

1. Performance Management and Competence Mapping

9 out of 10 organisations fail to implement their business strategies as a result of failure in the performance management process and the metrics used to measure performance against strategic and organisational performance goals. Performance Management is an essential tool for high performing organisations and when done well, will greatly improve the organisation’s performance. Our consultants will work with you to successfully implement and integrate a strong performance management framework.

Competence maps are essential benchmarks for a workforce and will help to keep track of capbilities and skills. With the current global downturn, it has become imperative for companies to define the core competences they need within their businesses. Our competence maps will determine the competences required for a job against those that employees possess. The resulting gaps will help the company make decisions on developmental and other needs.

2. Psychometric Testing

These are standardised tests designed to measure mental performance and help to identify potential and personality. Used correctly they help to improve Human Resource decisions and can have a positive impact on job productivity and job satisfaction. Access to Psychometric test materials is restricted to qualified users.

3. Developing the Team Management Profile

In today’s business environment, changing demands and global focus often mean that organisations have to bring together groups of individuals together in different ways to achieve success. It therefore becomes vital for team members to communicate and link together effectively to establish and work to a common purpose. Developing the Team Management profiles of your people will make it easier for you to understand how your people can work effectively together – promoting mutual understanding as well as a respect for different work preferences & aligning development with broader corporate goals.

4. Executive Coaching

“Today, mastering the ability to change [or adjust] behaviour (what people do or say) isn’t just a crucial strategy for organisations it’s possibly the one thing that’s most worth learning” Our professional Executive Coaches focus on the executive who has to deal with relationships in organisations and behavioural change. Our coaches can provide team or personal one-to-one coaching. They will challenge you, offer alternatives and provide support. “Coaching is the art of facilitating the performance, learning and development of another.” – The Industrial Society

5. HR Audit/HR Process Review

The objective is to evaluate your total human resources function. You will receive clear insights as to how your HR department is achieving the objectives that have been set for it. The audit will also identify the areas of strength and those areas that require improvement, helping the department set up processes for a self audit.





The Daisy Vision

"To be a world class Human Resources Consulting and Training provider, trusted and respected by our clients for our excellent service."