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Business Writing and Communication Skills - The Power of Words


Organizations need excellent communicators who are capable of conveying information clearly. Professional writing and clear communication plays a vital role in our daily operations. This course aims to develop and enhance our participant’s writing and communication skills. This programme will strengthen the written communication skills and build up the confidence of participants, helping them to refine their current writing style, thus reinforcing the impact of their message.

Course Objectives:

  • Delegates will be able to organize their message in a clear and concise manner to produce more professional and effective communication;
  • They will learn how to write reader-friendly e-mail messages and informative reports;
  • Participants will come away from the programme with the knowledge that they can be powerful and effective writers, and apply these techniques to all kinds of writing.

Course Content:

  • Generating your ideas
  • Organising your thoughts
  • Getting your point across
  • Focussing on your reader
  • The 7 C’s of Communication
  • Identifying good writing
  • Editing & Proof Reading

The Daisy Vision

"To be a world class Human Resources Consulting and Training provider, trusted and respected by our clients for our excellent service."

Developing Great Presentation & Public-Speaking Skills

Presentation is not just about the words we use, whether in a speech, public speaking or our day-to-day communication. If you need to communicate an idea, a concept, or a product you must have good presentation skills. Our programme will teach you how to deliver your message with impact, moving people to action after they listen to you. This programme will teach you the techniques and the principles of how to captivate your audience in a world where people are preoccupied and distracted.

Course Objectives:

  • Learn to make your presentation more powerful & persuasive than your competition
  • Understand how to connect emotionally & intellectually
  • Learn how to get your key points across

Course Content:

  • Structure & Content
  • Who is your audience?
  • Delivery: Eye contact

                    - The I-You Ratio

                    - Getting to the point

                    - Stories, Statistics & Facts

  • Your key points of differentiation

2-day Course